Station Build
Site prep work after fill was added showing the forming of the exterior wall footings.
Steel framing going up roof is about ½ half complete on the west side of the building which houses the offices and meeting room.
Exterior steel framing now shown about 100 % complete.  Large steel beam in the center of the photo is centered over the front entrance door.
Part of the roof sheeting is on and the east wall covered also sidewalk has been poured along North Main St.
Some of the interior walls block work has been completed and starting on the east end exterior block wall.
Close-Up shot of the East end of the truck bay showing the roof insulation
Block work being done on the interior walls the door frames are entrances to the 2 rest rooms.
Block work on the east and south walls of the offices and meeting rooms now done.
Finished slab for the truck bays has been poured
Block work complete on main entrance and finishing the exterior skin on the south side of the truck bay’s.
Truck bay ready for slab pour of the finish floor front to back object in the center of the picture is a in floor drain system.
From the rear of the building showing the pouring of the finish floor on the second story above the meeting room and office area.
Front entrance area the footings are to support the front overhang span above the entrance.
Pouring of the front concrete slab in front of the truck bay area.
Front overhang metal work completed and installation of the overhead doors for the truck bay in progress.
Meeting room and Office area ready to have floor poured. Block wall to the left is the wall dividing the restrooms and utility room from the office area
Meeting room and Office area newly poured floor.
Meeting room and Office area framing being installed for partition walls.
Exterior skin being applied to rear of the building at the right hand side the frame work for the front overhang above the entrance is not covered.
Interior work in the truck bay on the far wall block wall is being installed to protect exterior skin and insulation other work been done electrical, lighting and radiant heating are also being installed.
Ceiling grid work being installed in the meeting room area
Last of the exterior skin being installed on the front of the building. The overhang above the entrance will be the last to have skin installed.
Green skin now being completed on the front entrance overhang.
Finish wood trim work is being installed in the meeting room and kitchen cabinets also being installed.
Final touches being done in the truck bay in the back of the photo the stairs are in place to the storage area above the office and meeting room area