County wide drill at MHS  2015    

Below a selection of photos from that drill

Responding units at our station for a briefing before the exercise. The exercise was to simulate the following " A structural collapse of a wall during a sporting event.

A little "Chalk Talk" of the responding units layout at the school.

Members waiting their turn to be assigned to the drill. As units were in Monticello for the briefing before the drill a delay time was built into their responding time to simulate travel time from their own stations.

A partial photo of some of the responding units.

Responding from  Brodhead FD their heavy rescue unit's crew awaiting orders. We will follow them through their part of the drill.

Here the Brodhead crew are receiving their assignment from Asst. Chief Luchsinger, they will then be checked in by the firefighter assigned to "Accountability Duty".

Here Monticello firefighter Tony Strenz Accountability  Officer for the exercise is checking in a Brodhead firefighter.

A example of the Accountability Officers' duty. All crews are noted and recorded so we know where everyone is and what they are doing.

Here the Brodhead crew's assignment is to free a deceased victim trapped under a simulated portion of the structure. As Brodhead's response time is longer this is a lower priority task that they were assigned to. Early responding units removed injured victims and stabilized the wall for future recovery of the deceased.

Overlooking the work done by Brodhead FD is Chuck Anderson, Chuck's roll is as one of the "Safety Officers".  They observe the work being done to be sure the procedure is done safely. 

Utilizing the "old gym"  victims are remove from the collapse area and brought there. Their "wounds" are assessed and then they are placed in 4 different areas.   The areas are "Immediate",  "Delayed", "Walking Wounded" & "Deceased".

Here responding MFD First Responders and area EMS staff are treating the injured. MHS students were "made up" with a various injuries for the responders to treat.

Here a more serious injured party is loaded into one of the area EMS units for transportation to the Monroe Clinic ER. To add a sense of realism parents of some of the students were used to respond to the Clinic ER to inquire about the extend of wounds on their child. Another item the ER staff had to cope with, extra staff was brought in just for the drill so normal operations of the ER were not affected. Part of the goal here was to simulate a overload of the Monroe ER and shifting treatment & transportation of victims to satellite clinics.

Here paper work is exchanged between transporting EMS and on scene responders prior to transportation for treatment.

A pair of "Walking - Wounded" being taken to transport for treatment.

The drill was completed about lunch time then a post drill briefing was done and lunch served to the responders .

Work's still not done here Monticello Firefighters are removing items uses for the simulation, and units are returned to their respective quarters.

The drill is the result of month's of planning by the various agency's these drills "fine tune" their skills in the event of a real disaster. Taking part in the event were the following.

Belleville Area EMS  -   Brodhead Fire Department -  Green County Coroner's Office  -  Green County Health Dept.

Green County Emergency Management  -  Green County EMS -  Green County Sheriff's Office - Juda Fire Dept.

Monroe Clinic  -  Monticello Fire/First Response  Monticello Police Dept.  -  Monticello Schools - New Glarus EMS

New Glarus Fire Dept.  -  Volunteer PIO ( Green Co. Emergency Management )  - Julie Havens Host - EPTEC Contractor

Students / Parents MHS  

Thank You all for taking part.