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The National Volunteer Fire Council is asking for support on 3 bills now going through congress. The header for these will take you to a page were your support will be counted and heard!!!

Take Action below on these bills.

  • Tell Congress to Simplify Taxation of LOSAP

    The Volunteer Emergency Services Recruitment and Retention Act (H.R. 1171/S. 616) would simplify how length of service award programs (LOSAP) are taxed. Simply put, the bill eliminates burdensome and confusing IRS requirements that make it unnecessarily difficult for departments to administer plans and for volunteer emergency responders to receive benefits.

  • Tell Congress to Exempt Small R&R Benefits from Federal Taxation

    The Volunteer Responder Incentive Protection Act (S. 609) would allow communities to provide volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel with property tax reductions and up to $600 per year of recruitment and retention incentives without those benefits being subject to federal income tax and withholding. In order to bolster recruitment and retenion many fire and EMS agencies provide benefits that are typically small but demonstrate community support.

  • Ask Your Representative to Co-Sponsor the SERVE Act

    The SERVE Act (H.R. 2535) would create a $1,000 refundable income tax credit for volunteer fire and EMS responders. Contact your U.S. Representative and ask that they co-sponsor this important piece of legislation!