MFD Lockbox Program   

Is a Lockbox right for you?

Just what is a lockbox, a lockbox is a secure storage device where a entry key is stored to gain access to your house or place of business in the event of a emergency. Monticello Fire & Rescue has started a lockbox program for our fire district. They are purchased from  Knox Lockboxes    You then provide the department a set of entry keys so the department can gain access in the event of a emergency. The lockbox is a secure storage device that is only accessible via a special key that can't be duplicated.  To obtain a lockbox go to the following website there you can chouse the proper 'Knox Box" for your application. At the site you will be required to first select the state (Wisconsin)  then select the responding department (Monticello Fire Department) this will insure that the box you receive has the proper lock/key for the department to gain entry to the "Knox Box". Then it should be mounted in a visible location near the front entrance.

Commercial Building Lockbox:  Lockboxes that are installed on a commercial building will enable the department to gain access to the building after business hours. IN the event of a emergency we will first try to make contact with the "Key Holder" that we have on file notifying them of the emergency then either wait for the key holder or enter with their permission. If there is visible fire inside the building, we will enter without waiting for the key holder to be present because early fire suppression is vital in reducing damage.  Also, we would be able to enter a locked building after hours if there is someone inside having a medical emergency and they can't open the door.

Home Lockbox:   Primary use of a home lockbox is for medical emergencies when the resident is unable to unlock their door for responding personnel.  This saves valuable time for EMS personnel.  Also, in the case of visible flame with no one present we will attempt to contact the resident. Then the department would be able to enter the house.

 Other things to consider would be homes of parties that are "Seasonal Homes” or have a seasonal home in another area.  Also homes with a alarm system, because alarm systems have been known to do a "False Alarm" which would allow the department to verify that there is no problem.