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We receive new truck in 1936

This picture is a copy from the original printers tintype it shows the department members in front of their New 1936 GMC/Pirsch pumper that was delivered that February. The department hosted the S. WI & N. IL Fireman's Association Spring convention that year and the picture is part of a news story. Quoting form the Messenger article of 5/19/1936 the GMC/Pirsch pumper was purchased for less than $4,000.00.

Members of the department at that time were as follows pictured from left to right are Jacob Krieg, Louis Wyss, R.  W Ogden, Fred Escher, Herman Babler, Fred Roesthilsherber, Ted Zurbachen, Rich Amrlong, Adam Schuler, Gerdt Koerman jr., C F Jordan, Chief Stauffer, Emil G. Voegli, Louis Ubert, Norman Benkert, Fred Roth jr., Fred W. Voegli. Standing on truck at right side left to right  are Marcus Elmer, Arthur Escher, O E Bontley and W E Blum. On the left side is the department's first "Motorized Unit" a 1927 Boyer Chemical Truck mounted on a GMC chassis. The unit was purchased in April of 1927 with the truck costing $ 2.145.00 and the Boyer body an additional $ 1,500.00. The 1936 GMC is now owned by an area collector.

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This is a picture of the first "Rescue/Squad" truck from the 1960's was purchased used. A former laundry/uniform service truck. Basically a people mover with a few shelves installed. Check out  Squad 4 and note the progress of "Rescue/Squads" over the years.

Behind this van you see our old tanker "761" and to the rear in the station is the old GMC pictured above. it was still in service at the time of the photo. The station building is our 3rd station and was replaced in 2000 with a new building as we had just ran out of room. The building now is used by the village street department.

Our former Tanker "761" now proudly serves the Rock River Thresheree grounds at Milton, WI. where it hauls water to thirsty steam engines, keeps down the dust on the miles of dirt and gravel roads in the park and serves as their first out fire protection for the many events held on the grounds through the year. The old tanker was purchased from the department by a local mink rancher to be used in case of a well failure during the summer months. After they stopped operations it was purchased by former firefighter Van Loeffel and restored to the condition you see here. This was our second tanker our first "Water Mover"  was a old FWD that served as a semi tractor that pulled a converted gasoline tanker it proved to be to cumbersome and was retired fairly early. The truck was purchased by a couple of dedicated firefighters and was not owned by the department.


The above picture was taken in the 1950'S and was part of the local Bank Calendar for 1966. 

Thanks to Jean Kubly for supplying the above photo.

Found Old Video from the 60's or 70's of MFD Water fights held during homecoming celebration. Water fights then were 2 1/2" straight bore tip nozzles with a overhead barrel. Click on line below for video.


MFD Water Fights from the early years.