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Monticello New Mexico could be called a "Ghost Town"  located about 25 miles from Truth or Consequences NM  in a old silver mining area.  I visited there in Feb of 2007 no one around it appears as about 15 or 20 houses are occupied. Following text from a web site about the south west's ghost towns and a link to them interesting stuff. In viewing a posting of their Department's Minutes from the Feb 2007 they are in the process of building a "Satellite" station with a proposed cost of over $600,000 yet they claim to be to small to have a patch.


Monticello (originally named Canada Alamosa Spanish for "Canyon of the Cottonwoods") was settled by ranchers and farmers in 1856. It was built in a square to protect residents from attack. Descendants of the original settlers still live and ranch in the area. The town was headquarters for the Southern Apache Agency before a post was established at nearby Ojo
Caliente in 1874. About 500 Apaches lived at Canada Alamosa in 1870. Cochise and his Chiricahuas visited the area in 1871. Most of the Apaches were gone by
     The town was renamed in 1881 by its first postmaster, John Sullivan, of Monticello, N.Y.
    Monticello's cemetery is located on a hill northwest of the historic plaza. Mass is still celebrated at SanSan Ignacio Catholic Church on the Ignacio Church, which stands on the plaza along with plaza in Monticello was built in 1908. The original church was built in 1869, John Sullivan's home, the old stage stop (now a private residence the first in Sierra County.) and other original buildings.
     Two miles south of Monticello along the Canada Alamosa River is Placita ("Little Plaza"). It was settled in the 1840s by the Sedillo family, whose descendants still live there. San Lorenzo Church, built in 1916, and some of the town's original buildings, including the school house, a dance hall and several homes, still stand.
     More than 1,000 families lived in Monticello Canyon, which contains both Monticello and Placita, during its peak. Today, there are fewer than 100 families. (Courtesy Michael Cook)



  Above are recent photos I took in Feb of 2007 when I visited Monticello NM following is a link to a web site that has info on the south west's ghost towns.   www.ghosttowns


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