Conversion of E-2 into T-5   

Old Engine 2 ready to go to Marshfield WI. department members removed hose, ladders, and other equipment earlier as that equipment was then placed on the other Engines. After that was done then other items were striped from the truck that were of no value on the trading agreement with Stainless Repair. These items will be offered for sale to other departments after the new T-5 arrives and is placed in service.

Work  started on conversion here the old pumper body has been removed down to the bare truck frame.

Here still remaining the crew cab extension will be shortened up to just past the rear of the cab. Total removal would have involved much extra body work on the truck cab which we thought not necessary thus saving money in the conversion.

In order to obtain correct weight distribution the wheelbase of the truck need's to be changed. This is a common practice and sometimes is done with a new truck straight from the factory.

Chassis is now ready for tank install rear axle moved 14" and extension on truck cab removed.

Better shot of the cab rear after the canopy extension was removed.

Start of the tank fabrication process this is the bare inner tank. Unlike milk trucks this tank will be "baffled" as

to restrict the movement of water in the tank such movement affect the drivability of the truck. It is

also a NFPA requirement.


Here is the completed tank ready fro mounting on to the cradle frame which will be between the truck frame and the tank. Note now it is in a oval shape in the previous photo it was round. This lowers the weight distribution on the completed truck.

A close-up view of the end cap of the tank this end would be at the front of the truck.

Starting the addition of the sub frame for mounting on the truck frame.

Interior shot of the inside of the tank showing the baffle area.

Side skirting is installed below this some compartments will also be installed.

This is the rear of the tank at the bottom is the dump area the upper box structure will house warning lighting and also scene lighting.


Here the rear dump is installed rather than a 3-way dump we decided to install this swivel version resulting in some cost savings.

Work here done on installing a "Fold-A-Tank" compartment this one is a manually operated lift more cost saving measure.

Rear is almost completed with pump installed.

Passenger side nearly done compartment still needs roll-up door installed.

Completed rear end truck should be delivered to Monticello mid April.